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as a member of united nations global compact, cbmi actively participates in various activities held by it.

cbmi accepts ungc’s concept of social responsibility in the aspects of respecting human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. it will persistently support the complement of its ten principles, pay attention to its influence to interested parties and perform the corresponding social responsibility.

cbmi publicly promises that it will follow ungc’s concept of continuous improvement, perfecting conditions like non-discrimination employment, child labor eliminating, non-forced labor and local labor right protecting. it attaches importance to the protection of all staff’s occupational health and safety, the guarantee of employee’s labor income and the concern of employee’s occupational development, the promotion and use of new technology, which is helpful to energy saving, emission reducing, surrounding environmental protection, effort to build fair culture and push anti-corruption campaign.

cbmi regards the ten principles of united nations global compact as an indispensable part in its strategy and business. it promotes those principles so actively that wins wide supports from employees.

cbmi will continuously report the progress of fulfilling social responsibility publicly, who will accept the supervision of the public, participate in the action of reducing the negative effects of globalization and drive globalization into a positive direction.