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adhering to the environment concept of “building our common home with the humanistic spirit and green awareness”, cbmi has made efforts to abide by regulations during its management, such as clean production declaration of united nations environment programme, international chamber commerce regulation. in its production, living and business area, it takes active measures for efficiency increasing, consumption decreasing, pollution avoiding and the environment protecting.


cbmi attaches importance to the intensification of environment protection of the company and actively promote optimization and implementation of the annual internal control target. it continuously perfect the environment management system to make the management, production process and service procedures meet the requirement of relevant laws and regulations to a larger degree.

cbmi advocates energy saving, emission reducing, and environment protecting. at the same time, it gets the utmost out of the company’s office system, network, newspapers and lectures to promote the guideline, policy and technology knowledge of energy saving and emission reducing, which may strengthen the ecological environmental protection awareness of employees and realize the environment protecting management of all staff participation.

cbmi intensifies the non-paper network office management through the management and perfection of informationalized office, which reduces the paper consumption.

cbmi implements responsibility system, which is based on the labor division between headquarters and project management departments, to the use and management of water, electricity and fuel oil. through delicacy management, it achieves the control of source and process.

designing step

cbmi brings favorable economic and environment benefit to construction project through developing and promoting new technology and new process.

cbmi attaches importance to the promotion of new technology and gives priority to adopt technology, material and equipment that is good at energy saving and low energy consumption, in the selection of craft and equipment.

in the designing of cement process, cbmi promotes environment protecting technology like frequency conversion nodes, low nitrogen combustion and garbage incineration, which is helpful to energy saving, consumption reducing and oxycarbide and oxynitride emission lowing.

it reaches the maximized ratio of investment and benefit by design optimization and land saving, which lower total cost of the project and period of construction.

purchase and quality control step:

cbmi also actively promotes internet-based bidding, which not only improves the efficiency of purchase but also lower the cost of manpower and material resources.

in recent years, through strengthening cooperation with units producing advanced and environment friendly equipment, it guarantees the emission control of dust of each project in the process of production and operation, to avoid air pollution.

effective quality control guarantees quality stability and performance reliability of supply equipment, which increases production efficiency in the process of using, and lower failure rate in production line, maintenance charge and the number of spare part.

ocean cargo transport step:

taking a series of measures, such as suitable port choosing, reasonable partial shipment, shipping route optimization, strict control of cargo weight ratio, cbmi reduces transport cost and fuel emission to a large degree.

engineering construction step:

through efficient and elaborate project management and special construction scheme, cbmi improves the utilization ratio of project material, construction vehicle, water, electricity and fuel oil, and reduces the emission of waste. unified stacked the waste and old material in order, recalculating usage of them, to eliminate environment pollution and waste of resources.

cbmi attaches importance to the greening rate of construction project. at the beginning of the construction of every project’s office area and living area, it will undertake the coverage of green plant, which restrains the flowing dust pollution effectively. with every construction of modern project, it will build a green world to the local people.

production and operation step:

with the adoption of effective measures and rationalized process, cbmi improves production efficiency and avoided unnecessary environment pollution and resource consumption caused by discharging, bleeding and leakage.

diversified environmental protection project

cbmi develops its main businesses while unceasingly expand diversified environment friendly projects. in recent years, projects like sewage and dangerous waste disposal, shows more social benefits.

through effective control in all steps and expansion of diversified environment friendly projects, none serious environment pollution has happened in cbmi’s construction, neither in its office area nor its construction projects, which is looked up by the whole industry.