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release time:2016-10-18 13:57:54

at 19:16, 30 sep, 2016, nigeria unicem project lm 70.4 4 cement mill entered into production, with first batch of cement, which completed another milestone of contract, it is 18days ahead of the contract schedule.

uincemlm 70.4 4cement mill is one of the biggest cement mill in the world, it’sthe first 8 rollers mill with diameter 7 meter, and manufactured by loesche just for lafargeholcim group, the drive of this system adopted multi-driver system, which is similar with tbm, and equipped with 8 sets of drive motors. this motor entered  into operation ahead of the schedule, with high appraise from the owner, it strengthened the confidence and enthusiasm of the worker on the production test, and also incentive the project production test and hand over of the project.


unicem cement mill operation menu 


first batch of cement from unicem cement mill