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release time:2015-08-31 10:50:06





on 25 aug, 2015, edo 2nd line (with cement production capacity 6000tpd ) contract signature ceremony, between cbmi construction co.,ltd. and bua group of nigeria was made in cbmi beijing headquarter. the board chairman mr. tong laigou from cbmi and chairman mr. abdusamad rabiu from bua group, on behalf of both parties, signed the contract. bua group coo mr. chimaobi madukwe, director mr. kabiru i.rabiu, cfo mr. ejike nwolisa, edo cement plant general manager mr. finn arnorldsen, project and technical director mr.yusuf h.binji, contract manager mr. paul bennion, general manager mr. shi wenlon from cbmi, secretary of cbmi party committee mr. liu jianmin, vice president mr. wang zhixue, chief accountant mr. heheng, regional manger mr. li ming, international market department manager mr. ma aiguo, project manager mr. yan xuewen were present in this contract signature ceremony.


edo 2nd line with cement production 6000t/d is invested by bua group. this project is located in edo state of nigeria in epc model. the scope of the work is from limestone crushing to cement packing and shipment, which include the engineering and design, procurement, erection, training and commissioning. the precondition of the contract effect includes signature of the contract, the owner received the advance payment guarantee and performance guarantee, contractor received advance payment. after the effective of the contract, 28 months for first cement production, 32 months for completion of the performance test.


this project is further cooperation since edo 1st line with erection, o&m, quarry operation, and sokoto 3000t/d, which deepen the strategic relationship between both parties. at the mean time, both parties express their good intention of cooperation in more extensive filed. currently, cbmi is contracting nigeria unicem 6250t/d, benin 3600t/d epc contract in west africa market, the signature of this contract is strategic importance for cbmi developing its west africa market, and pushing west africa market regionalization and localization operation.